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Welcome to Olivia, Tastes from the Mediterranean.
Israeli couple Lior Ben-shafrut Zelzer and Yaron Zelzer have introduced their culture and traditional flavors to the enchanting island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico in a wonderful fusion of Moroccan, Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish influenced cuisine. Olivia is a mélange of cultural recipes of the couples parents and grandparents. After living in Isla Mujeres for four years and missing the variety of flavors and home-cooked meals they grew up with in Israel, Lior and Yaron decided to bring some of their home to the island and recreate the recipes their Mothers and Grandmothers handed down to them, which was not a simple task, to say the least.

The result is Olivia, a refreshingly diverse restaurant with a loyal following of both local residents and visitors to Isla Mujeres. Everything served at Olivia is homemade “from scratch” daily. From the delicious selections of freshly baked bread to the unique spices and seasonings used to flavor the freshest produce, fish and meats. Lior and Yaron pay homage to the home cooked food their Mothers and Grandmothers so lovingly brought to the table.

A Special Thank You.
Olivia is a dream of Lior and Yaron’s which came to life through the blood, sweat and tears of their Island Family-Del, Giulieta, Chrissie, Katy, Steve, Regina, Geneveive, Chris, Maria Luisa, and Vivian.
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